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Market Access Landscape Analysis

Conventional wisdom says you can only launch a new product once. That’s why you need a rock-solid basis for a successful launch strategy.

Market Access landscape analyses provide insights into treatment practices, patient pathways, numbers of patients, access pathways, and the role of existing products in the marketplace. This information is essential to understand product positioning and market potential. It also helps to plan resourcing and strategies required for market access and other launch activities.

Our approach combines extensive desktop research with semi-structured interviews that are conducted by science-trained professionals. We have extensive hands-on experience in product launches in different therapeutic areas, which is crucial for the insightful data interpretation and impactful strategic advisory of our customers.

As a Nordic organization, we can conduct country-specific projects with detailed sub-region analyses, or larger regional projects, such as those targeting all Nordic countries.

Are you preparing for a launch? MedEngine’s market access landscape analyses provide you with the essential market insights, strategic action plans, and top-notch consultation you need to succeed.

Drop us a note if you want to hear more!

Saku Torvinen

Director, Market Access

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