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Finland has major competitive advantages for RWE research shows recent study conducted by MedEngine

Finland is in a good position to begin building a globally competitive ecosystem for real-world data (RWD) research, a qualitative survey conducted by MedEngine reveals. The survey was requested by the Pharma Industry Research Foundation and the results were presented at the Pharma Industry Finland Autumn meeting on November 21st, 2018. Real-world data and real-world… Read more »

MedEngine presented novel IBD and lung cancer data at the ISPOR congress in Barcelona

The 21st Annual European Congress of The International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) is currently (Nov 10–14th 2018) underway in Barcelona, Spain. This conference, titled “New Perspectives for Improving 21st Century Health Systems”, has attracted over 3,700 professionals from all health care sectors. Attendees are learning about recent trends in health economics and outcomes research… Read more »

The (Almost) Unstoppable Rise of Finnish Health Tech

The Finnish health technology field is booming like never before. In 2017, health tech exports broke new records as their value rose more than 5% to over €2.2 billion. These numbers make Finland one of the few European countries that export more health technology than they import. The fact that the Finnish health tech field… Read more »

Holiday Special – MedEngine Office Dogs

It’s time to say thank you for another amazing year! What would be better way to delight your holidays than letting our beloved Office Dogs to conquer your hearts: GUNNAR Our Office Dogs are truly important part of our team and they are always ready to delight our days at the office as well as… Read more »

Slush 2017 – Nothing normal ever changed a damn thing.

Nine years ago, a small group of visionaries managed to get 40 local startups together and they called it Slush – an event for startups by startups, and the rest is history. A couple of weeks ago, the world’s leading startup and technology conference was sold out, gathering up to 20 000 attendees from over… Read more »

MedEngine presented results from three new studies at the ISPOR congress in Glasgow

The 20th Annual European Congress of The International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) was held in Glasgow, Scotland on Nov 4–8th 2017. The event attracted nearly 5000 participants from 77 countries and across all health care sectors. MedEngine participated in the congress, and presented results from three new real-world data research projects. ISPOR… Read more »

Knowledge-based management: Supporting health-related decision-making

The current trend towards a data-driven world is affecting everyone—including the pharmaceutical industry. As the volume and complexity of medical data grows and analytics methods continue developing, companies become more and more dependent on their ability to transform data into information that can be utilized in knowledge-based management, or KM. To get an insider’s view… Read more »

Beyond treating patients: Secondary uses of health and social data

Whether it be an encounter with a physician or nurse, a prescription for medication from a pharmacy, or admittance of a student loan—every contact that we have with health care personnel or the social security system generates data related to our health and well-being. Currently, the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is preparing… Read more »

TurkuCRC: Real-world data from birth to death

The demand for real-world data (RWD) has increased dramatically in the pharmaceutical industry in recent years. The key challenge in RWD research is that there are very limited numbers of high-quality data sources with easy access to the data. The Centre for Clinical Informatics at the Turku Clinical Research Center (TurkuCRC) has built a unique… Read more »

Virtual hospital 2.0: Riding the second wave of digitalization

Drawing over 1.2 million visitors a year into a single health-related digital hub is an achievement that the Finnish healthcare system can be truly proud of. The success of the Mental Health Hub (Mielenterveystalo), one of the pioneers in the field, has been recognized abroad, as the Guardian recently reported ‘what can the UK learn… Read more »






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