MedEngine starts communications collaboration with health capital Helsinki

Kaisa OksanenMar 31, 2017

Health Capital Helsinki (HCH) has selected MedEngine as their new communications partner for the next 18 months. The collaboration entails HCH communication activities, as well as design and execution of a range of marketing and communication materials and strategies.

“We are very happy to start collaboration with MedEngine”, says Tuula Palmén, Head of the HCH project office. “As the MedEngine team has an extensive background in life science and health tech, combined with a strong communications expertise, I am convinced that they are just the right partner for an organization like HCH”.

Health Capital Helsinki is an alliance that brings together the main players in life sciences, health tech, and health care in the capital region. The alliance partners include Aalto University, the City of Helsinki, the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa, and the University of Helsinki. Their joint goal is to improve the commercialization of scientific research, to increase the number of startup companies and jobs, and to support life science and health tech business growth.

Kaisa Oksanen

Kaisa Oksanen
Soon to be completing her PhD in immunology, Kaisa started her research career early in her biotechnology studies at the University of Tampere. Kaisa enjoys tasks that require creative thinking and problem solving, and in her free time enjoys singing, reading, swimming, good food and all the things that make life enjoyable.