MedEngine welcomes Mira Tulla

Miika FadjukovOct 10, 2017

We are excited to announce MedEngine’s latest recruit. Let us introduce you to Mira Tulla, who started as a Scientific Project Manager in the RWE team this September.

Mira did her PhD on cell adhesion at the University of Jyväskylä, and built an exciting career in Germany. She worked at the biotechnological institute (BIOTEC) at TU Dresden, did a postdoc on the molecular basis of glioblastoma at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, and completed further education as a clinical data manager in Cologne. Most recently Mira worked at the German Childhood Cancer Registry in Mainz, analysing the epidemiological and clinical data of various childhood cancers, and participated in an evidence-based medicine project involving guideline preparation for laryngeal carcinoma.

After spending over a decade abroad, Mira now enjoys living so close to the nature, as well as going for bike rides and nature trips with her family.

Mira has already plunged into complex RWD projects at MedEngine. She is eager to improve her data and project management skills. “I enjoy work where I have versatile tasks and can optimize the utilization of clinical and registry data,” Mira says.

We warmly welcome Mira to our rapidly expanding team of experts!

Miika Fadjukov

Miika Fadjukov
Miika has his background in biotechnology and he has specialized in biological imaging and image analysis. As a creative person with an endless fascination for science, Miika enjoys combining his scientific background with his love for creative thinking in projects that can actually improve patients’ quality of life.