MedEngine welcomes Mirkka Koivusalo, Heidi Loponen, and Hanni Uusi-Kerttula

Kaisa OksanenDec 15, 2017

The MedEngine team is growing yet again! Allow us to introduce Mirkka Koivusalo, Heidi Loponen, and Hanni Uusi-Kerttula, who joined MedEngine in October—and have already plunged into a variety of different projects.

Heidi Loponen, who started as a Scientific Project Manager in MedEngine’s RWE team, holds a PhD in genetics from the University of Helsinki. Her solid background in biomedical research combined with her endless passion to challenge herself makes Heidi a great match to MedEngine’s research team.

“At MedEngine I get to apply the scientific skills I have gathered during my research career in a completely new contextand this is something that I find extremely rewarding”, she points out.

MedEngine’s Medical Affairs & Marketing team has also gained two new members. Mirkka Koivusalo brings to MedEngine a fresh breeze from overseas; she recently returned to Finland after spending ten years in Toronto, Canada, where she worked as a researcheras well as a professional dog trainer. At MedEngine, Mirkka is looking forward to utilizing her analytical skills and systematic problem-solving approaches to promote human health.

“The possibility to combine my experience in customer-oriented problem-solving and scientific communications, as well as people skills, attracted me to work at MedEngine”, she summarizes.

Also Hanni Uusi-Kerttula has recently become a member of MedEngine’s Medical Affairs & Marketing team. Hanni has a PhD in cancer virotherapy, and she has worked on a wide range of projects varying from vaccine research to diagnosticsboth in Finland and abroad in the UK and in Chile.

“Besides science, I have always been passionate about writing” Hanni says, and continues: “At MedEngine, I get to combine these two, and I can serve as a communication facilitator between scientists, doctors and patients.”

We are very happy to welcome all three new team members! Their international scientific expertise and enthusiasm are a valuable addition to our team, helping us serve our customers even better.

Kaisa Oksanen

Kaisa Oksanen
Soon to be completing her PhD in immunology, Kaisa started her research career early in her biotechnology studies at the University of Tampere. Kaisa enjoys tasks that require creative thinking and problem solving, and in her free time enjoys singing, reading, swimming, good food and all the things that make life enjoyable.