The ABC of content marketing for pharma


Cutting edge content marketing, renowned medical concepts, and top-grade medical education programs. What if you had a one-stop agency to handle all of your medical affairs, marketing, and communication needs?

Welcome to MedEngine. We provide expert medical affairs and marketing services that meet the rigorous quality standards of the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and health-tech industries. With extensive academic expertise and years of hands-on experience in medical affairs and science-based marketing, we pride ourselves on high quality deliverables that are insightful, impactful, and ready-to-publish.

Our goal is to add value and competitive edge to your business by creating engaging content marketing, award-winning medical concepts, and proficiently executed customer facing medical projects that complement your strategy seamlessly—whenever needed.


MedEngine’s cross-functional team consists of project managers with scientific education, experienced medical affairs and medical marketing executives, and brilliant graphic designers—all working together to provide you with the best services possible.

We handle all traditional forms of marketing—brochures, slide sets, and websites—as well as all-round content creation such as videos, infographics, whitepapers, and blogs to name a few. In addition, we design and manage demanding medical affairs projects, including advisory board meetings, medical education programs, and projects aiming at development of treatment practices.

To suit your needs, our services can be delivered in accordance with your predefined strategy or as an all-encompassing turnkey solution from concept design to completion.


  • Medical affairs and marketing expertise on demand
    —to realize your objectives at desired quality and on schedule.
  • Insightful and impactful ready-to-publish deliverables
    —valued by your customers, team members, and management alike.
  • Premium service with flexibility and efficient timelines.