Looking for a skilled scientific advisor, sharp compliance specialist, or a project manager with business insight and medical credibility?

MedEngine provides premium talent resourcing services tailored specifically for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. We are specialized in finding talent for today’s demanding medical affairs and commercial positions, which typically have high demands for scientific and commercial expertise. Our vast experience in medical affairs and marketing, broad network within the industry, and our in-house scientific advisors all provide an excellent platform for finding the perfect match for your contingent or long-term resourcing needs.


Our recruitment process includes careful analysis of the job profile and our client’s business demands, thorough candidate screening, and a series of structured interviews. But what makes us stand out is our recruitment team’s personal experience with similar positions – let it be scientific advisor, brand lead, or CEO.  We know what it takes to succeed in the position and that shows in the quality of our people and of our service. Thanks to this insight, we can extend our service beyond recruitment to training and continuous support for the employee, thereby ensuring a smooth and fast transition into the new position.

At MedEngine, we handle talent resourcing on a long-term basis as well as for shorter projects; for example, to fill in for an employee on leave or to strengthen your organization for a product launch. Whatever your need, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how our talent resourcing solutions could drive your business performance.


  • Access to top talent, on a short or long-term basis, to boost your competitive advantage when most needed.
  • A recruitment team specialized in medical affairs, compliance and marketing to ensure premium quality of our hires and service.
  • A streamlined recruitment process and tailored employee support to allow faster transition and an increase in productivity.