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At MedEngine, we believe that access to Real World Evidence (RWE) is essential for all players in the modern health care environment. 

This is why we have built a service that provides you easy access to RWE with flexibility, prompt timelines, and the highest scientific standards. And that is just the start. We can take your RWE-project beyond scientific publication to boost your medical affairs, market access, or commercial activities with local evidence and key opinion leader collaboration.


Our research team consists of leading RWE scientists with hundreds of publications and years of experience in the field. They are here to find the best data selection available to answer your specific research question – a population-wide health registry, electronic health record data, academic research dataset, or a scientific survey, for example. Some of the data we use is accessible for commercial use exclusively via MedEngine. This unique 360° approach is the core of our service and the key to our success in generating award-winning RWE-projects valued by both physicians and our customers’ local and global organizations.

At MedEngine, we can provide RWE-services from study design to scientific publication as a turnkey service. Thanks to our cross-functional team with strong medical affairs and marketing expertise, we are also equipped to design end execute your commercial, medical affairs, or market access activities based on your data; thereby ensuring maximal benefits from your RWE-investment to all stakeholders – patients, physicians, payers, and your product.


  • RWE proficiency—a team of experienced RWE-scientists and statisticians, who seek the optimal data source and the best approach to answer to your research questions.
  • Strategic competitive advantage, with turnkey service from concept to finalized scientific publication, in unmatched timelines.
  • The possibility to take your RWE-project beyond scientific publication into commercial, medical affairs, and market access activities.