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MedEngine ja DRA Consulting yhteistyöhön Market Access -palveluissa: tutkimustietoa ja strategista osaamista liiketoiminnan moottoriksi

Suomalaiset lääkealan asiantuntijapalveluihin erikoistuneet DRA Consulting Oy ja MedEngine Oy ovat aloittaneet Pohjoismaat kattavan yhteistyön. Yritysten keskeisenä tavoitteena on kehittää entistä tehokkaampia Market Access -palveluita yhdistämällä tosielämän tutkimustietoa strategiseen Market Access -osaamiseen.  MedEngine Oy:n ydinosaamista ovat rekisteritutkimukset (ns. real-world data) sekä Medical Affairs – ja markkinointipalvelut. DRA Consulting Oy on erikoistunut Market Access -palveluihin sekä… Read more »

The (Almost) Unstoppable Rise of Finnish Health Tech

The Finnish health technology field is booming like never before. In 2017, health tech exports broke new records as their value rose more than 5% to over €2.2 billion. These numbers make Finland one of the few European countries that export more health technology than they import. The fact that the Finnish health tech field… Read more »

MedEngine achieves very strong growth in 2017 by combining medical data with pharmaceutical business expertise

MedEngine, a premium service provider for pharmaceutical and health technology industries, reports a strong financial result in 2017. The company’s revenue grew 61% to 1.6 million euros, which makes MedEngine the fastest growing company in the pharmaceutical and health technology services sector in Finland.1 The profit margin before taxes was 20.5%. This was the fourth… Read more »

Slush 2017 – Nothing normal ever changed a damn thing.

Nine years ago, a small group of visionaries managed to get 40 local startups together and they called it Slush – an event for startups by startups, and the rest is history. A couple of weeks ago, the world’s leading startup and technology conference was sold out, gathering up to 20 000 attendees from over… Read more »

Slush 2016: The rise of health and medicine in the startup scene

“No one in their right mind would come to Helsinki in November”, stated this year’s catch line for the start-up event Slush – and yet they did. Last week, the sold-out conference gathered over 17,000 people from 124 countries under the same roof for two days. Slush started in 2008 as an insider meeting for… Read more »

Genome center: A Boost to Finland’s Public Health and Economy?

Last week, the Finnish Government had big decisions ahead of them: they agreed on the General Government Fiscal Plan for 2017-2020, or the so-called ”Finland’s stability program.” The objective of the program is to revive the Finnish economy that has been struggling to get back on the track of growth and rising employment. While the… Read more »

Entrepreneurship and Universities – Allies or Archenemies?

Startup is the new black in Finland.

MedEngine Welcomes Kaisa Oksanen and Hanna Ventola

I am proud to welcome to MedEngine two new Scientific Project Managers, Hanna Ventola and Kaisa Oksanen.






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