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Karoline Doser: About the people


During the past year, the MedEngine team has grown remarkably. With an expansion in the Nordics, we’ve had the pleasure to welcome a number of new co-workers.

Today, in our continuing series of employee profiles, we introduce Karoline Doser — a Scientific Consultant in the Medical Data Science Team based in Copenhagen.

Karoline Doser’s enthusiasm is hard to miss. She answers us from beautiful Copenhagen, full of energy.

“I was born in southern Germany, close to the border of Switzerland and France. There’s a big lake there, a beautiful place. I did my studies in Freiburg, where I also met my partner. Then in 2013, we moved to Denmark. It’s close to ten years now and Copenhagen really feels like home!”

In a less explored field of research, all research activity has a big impact.

Making an impact

“I started my professional career in a very practical job working with people. Then with my master thesis, I got to do research about people. My motivation was to have answers for the patients when they need them. And that’s what gave me motivation to do even more research.”

Karoline obtained her PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. “I researched neurofibromatosis type 1 in the Danish Cancer Society for five years. In a less explored field of research, all research activity has a big impact — your work has big benefits for the patient. All the knowledge you generate will also bring the field of study forward”, Karoline tells us. She has more than 7 years of experience in real-world data research and knowledge of patient-reported outcome measures.

Through various research projects in different disease areas, Karoline has gained insight into Nordic healthcare systems and available data sources. Her strength is thinking ahead while keeping the big picture and potential hurdles in mind, which has resulted in numerous successful projects. Karoline describes herself as someone who can motivate people around her. “I’m a humorous person too, and I like to make jokes and also poke other people a bit sometimes — figuratively speaking — whether they like it or not”, she adds with a smirk. “I am also a positive person, I’m an optimist!” she declares.

Well, maybe that has something to do with all the success…

I saw the job ad for MedEngine a day before the application deadline!” 

In one day? Why not?

Now it is quite clear that Karoline is a doer, as they say: an outgoing, energetic and highly skilled in self-motivating herself. “This is actually a funny story. I remember I saw the job ad for MedEngine literally the day before the application deadline!”, she laughs. The application included an introduction video, which she had to shoot that same night. “I was sure one day wasn’t enough for making a good video, but my partner encouraged me by pointing out that one day is still one day. So, I wrote it during the day, and we shot it at night. And apparently it worked out!”, she continues laughing.

No bunnies here

Outside work, Karoline enjoys activities such as running, fitness and being creative. She’s always seeking new challenges and overcoming boundaries. Still, the best moments of the day are spent being together with her two lovely children and husband.

The MedEngine bunny frenzy hasn’t caught up their household. “No, we don’t have any pets at the moment — but I did have rabbits when I was a child!”, she ends, with a big laugh.

Great to have you on board, Karoline!

Ps. We’re searching for two new colleagues for the Denmark Team! Read more and apply here.

Klaus Elfving

Klaus Elfving

Klaus Elfving is MedEngine's Digital Content Lead.