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Leading the team to new heights


We are excited to announce that two of our experienced employees will take on greater responsibility in company operations. Anna Grönholm & Miika Fadjukov have started Managing Consultant positions, Anna in Scientific Content and Miika in Digital Engagement. In their new positions, Anna and Miika will boost the development of these spearhead services and related team capabilities as MedEngine keeps expanding.

Like many at MedEngine, Anna has a strong scientific background (read more here!) and her expertise in immunology has been put to good use in our operations. Having worked in medical positions and collaborated with most pharmaceutical companies operating in Nordic countries has rendered Anna with extensive hands-on experience and understanding of the operational environment of the pharma industry.

Communicating to healthcare professionals requires certain highly sophisticated skills.

“Communicating to healthcare professionals requires certain highly sophisticated skills — both in-depth scientific understanding and excellent communication — but also an understanding of the operating environment of our pharma customers and healthcare professionals. Pharmacotherapy is becoming increasingly personalized and healthcare professionals need to receive relevant and up-to-date information to support evidence-based treatment decisions”, says Anna.

“You need to be able to convey the information efficiently to the often very small target groups of specialists.”

“In addition, you need to be able to convey the information efficiently to the often very small target groups of specialists, and you need to do this according to the compliance regulations of the pharmaceutical industry”, Miika adds. At MedEngine, we have paid attention to these elements from the beginning. It is great to be able to develop them further to even better meet the needs of customers and healthcare professionals — with the goal of exceeding them, of course!”, he sums.

Miika has a background in biotechnology and over ten years of experience as an entrepreneur in the creative field (read more here!). As a visionary mind, his experience in creative problem solving makes him the go-to person at MedEngine when a new concept is needed or different ways of telling a story are considered. Also, and equally important, being a socially very approachable person and full of positive energy, Miika usually brightens the day for all.

MedEngine is growing internationally — with the recent purchase and merger of leading Danish medical data science company ApHER, there are exciting new possibilities on the horizon for all. The scalability of our services has been proven and a presence in multiple Nordic markets is now reality.

“In our new roles we’re looking forward to really be able to support the development and professional journey of our fellow colleagues.”

“In our new roles we’re not only looking forward to new responsibilities, but also to really be able to support the development and professional journey of our fellow colleagues”, they both emphasize.

Creating the best possible working culture is a priority at MedEngine. The company is particular in hiring, which in turn makes sure that the employees represent the top of their craft but are also fun to work with. In a business saturated by consultants, MedEngine is a fresh exception. It continues to differentiate from the competition by creating a hub for acclaimed scientists with a strong drive for innovation and excellence.

“We do things people-first, and it shows!”

“The team spirit amongst our staff is really quite something — we do things people-first, and it shows!”, the duo conclude laughing.

Klaus Elfving

Klaus Elfving

Klaus Elfving is a Helsinki-based content producer, science communicator, and broadcast journalist.