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MedEngine Warmly Welcomes: Anniina Snellman


During the Spring, we’ve welcomed several new additions to our team. Meet Anniina Snellman, who joined the Scientific Content & Digital Engagement team as a Scientific Project Manager, based in Helsinki.

Anniina is a warm, empathetic person with a great sense of humor. “My friend described me as ‘an honest friend, who would never let you walk around with parsley between your teeth!”, Anniina laughs.

Anniina was born and grew up in Kangasala, near Tampere, Finland. “As a kid, I loved school and homework, so it’s not surprising I became a researcher. Back then, I wanted to be a teacher or host a radio show!”, Anniina recalls. “I’ve always been interested in biology, especially health-related topics. When I discovered the Drug Development program, I knew it was a perfect match!”

My research focused on neuroscience and biomedical imaging – – a study on early brain changes in healthy individuals with varying genetic risks for Alzheimer’s.” 

Anniina earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedicine and Master’s Degree in Drug Development from the University of Turku, with a minor in Business and a student exchange in Sweden. She also studied Pedagogy at the open university of Turku.

Before joining MedEngine, Anniina worked in various research laboratories. “My research focused on neuroscience and biomedical imaging. I worked on developing PET tracers for Alzheimer’s disease at the Preclinical Imaging Laboratory of Turku PET Centre, where I completed my PhD in 2017. Later, I moved to clinical research at the Turku Alzheimer Imaging Laboratory, planning a study on early brain changes in healthy individuals with varying genetic risks for Alzheimer’s.”

“From 2020-2022, I worked at the University of Gothenburg’s Neurochemistry Laboratory on novel blood-based biomarkers for Alzheimer’s. I managed to continue my earlier project at Turku PET Centre during this time. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, our lab stayed open, and our family extended our stay in Sweden.”

I was awarded the title of Adjunct Professor in Experimental Molecular Neuroimaging from the University of Turku! 

“In 2021, I received funding from the Academy of Finland, allowing me to extend my stay in Sweden and return to Turku PET Centre to continue our clinical study. We still have two PhD researchers working on this data, and I supervise them. In November 2023, I was awarded the title of Adjunct Professor in Experimental Molecular Neuroimaging from the University of Turku.”

Anniina enjoys the visual aspects of her work. “It’s mesmerizing to see the final images we produce with modern methods. These imaging techniques allow us to peek inside the brain of living people, providing otherwise unattainable information.”

During her time in Gothenburg, Anniina developed blood-based biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease. “Some biomarkers are now used in clinical drug trials and have great potential in future healthcare. Developing a novel CSF and blood biomarker for detecting N-terminal tau fragments was exciting, and it’s great to see new studies utilizing this work.”

Anniina has followed MedEngine’s journey and admired its services and company culture. “MedEngine offers continuous personal development and a variety of challenges, which I value highly. After my first month, I can confirm it’s a great match!”

She’s the most loyal MedEngine office dog!” 

Outside of work, Anniina spends time with her family, often at various sports fields. “I have two sons, 8 and 11, and I’m actively involved with their football teams. I also sing in a band with colleagues from Turku PET Centre, enjoy walks with our dog, reading, gardening, and meeting friends. My academic research activities have become a hobby too,” Anniina smiles.

We adopted a Jack Russell terrier named Joy six months ago. She’s the most loyal MedEngine office dog trainee, sleeping next to me and my laptop while I work from home!

That’s adorable! A warm welcome, Anniina! Great to have you on board!

Klaus Elfving

Klaus Elfving

Klaus Elfving is MedEngine's Digital Content Lead.