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MedEngine welcomes Inkeri Spoljaric, Katja Sahlstedt, and Ilona Iso-Mustajärvi


We’re excited to announce the newest acquisitions to our team! MedEngine’s expertise has expanded with Inkeri Spoljaric and Katja Sahlstedt joining the team as Scientific Project Managers in March, followed by Ilona Iso-Mustajärvi in May.

Inkeri defended her doctoral thesis two months after starting her career at MedEngine. For six years, she worked as a neuroscience researcher in the University of Helsinki, specializing in developmental neuroscience. During her Master’s studies, Inkeri minored in scientific communication.

“I’ve always loved creative work, including writing, painting, and visual design. Our work allows me to combine my interests and to follow the proceedings of science from a close distance.”

Inkeri’s passion for painting manifests itself in hundreds of depictions of Finnish birds, but only one of them has made its way on the wall of Inkeri’s home–the Eurasian magpie.

Katja has graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Helsinki and worked as a small animal clinician. She also holds a degree in Journalism with several years of experience in magazines and newspapers as a journalist and editor. She has worked with concept design in both media and retail.

“I’m excited to combine medical science, high-quality content, and premium customer service. I also greatly value the genuinely positive, supportive, feel-good attitude here at MedEngine.”

During her studies, Katja played with the idea of becoming a wildlife veterinarian. She explored the treatment of indigenous animals in a wildlife hospital in Australia and studied marine animal medicine in Mexico.

Ilona holds an MSc in pharmacy and has previously worked as a pharmacist, researcher, study coordinator, and medical expert. She has vast experience in real world studies, data management and different data sources across Europe, and she has led several international RWD-projects.

“I chose MedEngine because the company seems very dynamic and inspiring. I like the people and the friendly atmosphere as well as the passion towards working that everybody shares.”

Ilona loves traveling far and near, and she has already proven to be a vital information source for co-workers planning a trip to anywhere in Finland.

We are thrilled to welcome our new colleagues as part of our growing team! With this diversification of talent and fortification of MedEngine’s core competencies, we are looking forward to a busy summer, putting into practice our skills to deliver insightful and impactful projects for our clients.



MedEngine bridges medical science with business. We provide our customers with the science-based tools, knowledge, and support they need to thrive in their global marketplace. Our adept team combines academic expertise with industry know-how and creative flair. Insight, zest, and attention to detail are our strongest assets, and we move nimbly from endeavor to endeavor—be it a multi-year research project, scientific advisory for a medical education program, or conceptualization for a health-tech startup. With every project our project managers apply the highest scientific standards and creativity to build something that inspires. We consider ourselves the luckiest bunch of scientists ever!