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MedEngine welcomes Joni Turunen


We are proud to introduce MedEngine’s most recent addition, Joni Turunen. Joni holds both an MD and PhD and will serve as our external medical advisor, providing us with a physician’s perspective whenever needed.

Joni received his PhD from the University of Helsinki, where his research focused on the molecular genetics of schizophrenia. He is currently specializing in ophthalmology at the Helsinki University Hospital, while also working as a physician at Diacor and Silmäasema. In addition, Joni runs his own research group at the Folkhälsan research center, where his team is studying the genetics of ophthalmologic diseases.

In addition to his work as a health care provider and researcher, Joni also has years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He has worked as a Medical Advisor for different pharmaceutical companies and as an entrepreneur in an innovative health-tech start-up company. Furthermore, he now serves as a medical advisor for Innovestor, a Finnish investment company.

Joni’s expertise, experience, and passion for medicine make him a perfect collaborator for MedEngine. “I’m extremely happy to be part of MedEngine’s team, as I now get to work in different projects together with the pharmaceutical industry”, says Turunen, “and I think the industry is a critical part of our health care system.”

We are very happy to welcome Joni to our growing team of experts!



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