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MedEngine welcomes Juha Mehtälä


We are excited to introduce to you Juha Mehtälä, our new Lead Data Scientist!

Juha holds a PhD in statistics and has extensive experience in observational register studies. Prior to MedEngine, Juha worked for several years as a Senior Statistician and Team Lead in a contract research organization and was responsible for challenging international real-world evidence (RWE) projects. Earlier in his career, he has worked on mathematical and statistical modeling of infectious diseases. He has also taught statistics at the University of Helsinki.

Juha’s interest in natural sciences sparked even before high school, in his hometown of Rovaniemi. “I have always highly appreciated nature, and therefore have been interested in understanding how it works”, Juha says, and continues:

”As a passionate statistician, I enjoy explaining how statistical methods work, and how they can help us understand complicated data.”

At MedEngine, Juha will be responsible for the development of data analytics processes, including machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions. With his considerable expertise and insight, Juha is a perfect fit for the growing MedEngine team. “MedEngine is a dynamic environment in which new ideas can be brought to practice. I like the forward moving attitude”, Juha says.

“MedEngine is a company that does not settle, but is constantly striving towards where the field will be in the future. As someone who likes new challenges, I find this atmosphere highly motivating.”

Juha’s free time is divided between a mixture of various sports: he enjoys fishing and outdoor climbing in the summer, and indoor climbing and hitting the gym throughout the year. Juha likes spending time on his motorbike, but when he wants to slow down and relax, he explores the latest news in astronomy and cosmology.

Miika Fadjukov

Miika Fadjukov

Miika has his background in biotechnology and he has specialized in biological imaging and image analysis. As a creative person with an endless fascination for science, Miika enjoys combining his scientific background with his love for creative thinking in projects that can actually improve patients’ quality of life.