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MedEngine Welcomes Kaisa Oksanen and Hanna Ventola


I am proud to welcome to MedEngine two new Scientific Project Managers, Hanna Ventola and Kaisa Oksanen.

The search for new team members was thorough and rigorous, but definitely worth the effort. Hanna and Kaisa joined MedEngine in early August, eager to get involved with projects and to start work alongside the other members of the MedEngine team. And both are excited to work for a company that combines medical science with entrepreneurship.

“MedEngine offers me an opportunity to be involve
d in different areas of business,” says Hanna. “It focuses not only on science, which I feel very passionate about, but also business development and marketing.”

Likewise, Kaisa says that one of the things she is most excited about is “the possibility to help our customers translate information into something useful and valuable. I’m also very excited to work in a young, dynamic company and getting involved in its rapid development.”

Both Kaisa and Hanna are in the final stages of their PhDs. Hanna’s area of focus is probiotics and intestinal permeability, while Kaisa’s is immunology and tuberculosis vaccines. Despite their full schedules and the hectic, post-holiday start, Kaisa and Hanna have already leapt into a variety of projects, and are motivated by both the passion of all those involved and the nature of the work.

“Working at MedEngine seems to be the perfect way to combine my scientific background with my love for creative thinking,” says Kaisa. “Seems like I’ve found my dream job.”

Hanna agrees, saying, “It feels like I’ve known these people for a long time. Since I started I’ve been working full-speed in different projects – and I love it!”
Indeed, it’s a great fit all around. With our expanding team, ever-growing skills, and passion for science and business, 2014 and 2015 are going to be great years for MedEngine and its partners.

Tero Ylisaukko-oja

Tero Ylisaukko-oja

Known for his creative thinking and passion for complex projects, MedEngine CEO and Founder Tero Ylisaukko-oja seeks out clients who are willing to innovate and challenge both him and themselves. Outside of MedEngine Tero enjoys everything Italian, be it food, wine, soccer, the Mediterranean sea, or small cars with character. His family includes his wife Niina, two sons, and dachshunds Gunnar and Bruno.