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MedEngine warmly welcomes: Laura Mäntylä, Sarah Smith, and Janita Thusberg


We’re happy to introduce three immensely talented people joining our Scientific Content & Digital Engagement and Medical Data Science teams.

Welcome to our new colleagues, MedEngineLaura is an outgoing person who brings a positive attitude wherever she goes. She’s interested in science, communications, and graphic design, having art as a passion from a young age. “At MedEngine I’m really happy I can combine all of these interests”, she tells us.

At MedEngine I’m really happy I can combine all of these interests”.

Laura’s curiosity about science eventually led her to study Biomedicine, where she earned a BSc, and recently gained her MSc in Drug Discovery and Development with a minor in Business. During her studies she has gained work experience from involvement in various projects: she’s conducted research on extracellular vesicles and prostate cancer, for instance. She did an internship at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, working in immunology research. Working in an immunology lab during the COVID-19 pandemic underlined how this area of medicine is directly contributing to societal wellbeing, and Laura is looking forward to leveraging her expertise in important and exciting projects at MedEngine.

Laura’s hobbies include yoga and bouldering. She also enjoys hiking and spending time out in nature, as many Finns do. She likes creating things through art and handicrafts such as knitting and sewing – and most recently gardening!

Welcome to our new colleagues, MedEngineSarah beams energy and determination. She has always been interested in human biology. Ultimately, she draws inspiration from deriving insights for better healthcare, understanding the mechanisms of different diseases, and determining how to fight them most effectively.

She studied Biomedicine (BSc) with Business as a secondary subject, and Drug Discovery and Development (MSc). Sarah has also studied at the Karolinska Institutet. Participating in a multi-disciplinary Science to Business course, in collaboration with a real startup, created a great desire to work in an environment that combines science with innovation and business.

Sarah has also worked in various research groups, contributing to research on multiple sclerosis and breast cancer. Additionally, she has significant experience in the Finnish Biobanking ecosystem, coordinating the national biobank studies at FINBB.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys backcountry skiing and ski touring, dancing, and bouldering. Also, quite literally an outgoing person, she enjoys being outside and spending time at the family summer cottage in the Finnish archipelago.

Sometimes her name causes confusion as to whether or not she speaks Finnish and which language should be used to address her. She is proud of her dual nationality and is both Finnish and British!

Welcome to our new colleagues, MedEngineJanita is determined, adventurous, and inquisitive. Self-development and learning new things are both essential to her wellbeing and important lifelong commitments. She says she became a scientist out of general interest in the workings of the machinery of life. Exciting!

Her scientific background is in the field of bioinformatics and medical genetics; she’s spent 15 years studying and analyzing human genetic variation and its relation to inherited disorders. She did her PhD in Bioinformatics in Finland and then moved to California, U.S. right after graduating to continue her research on genetic variants. After almost 10 years in San Francisco she felt she needed to follow another life-long passion and returned to Finland to take up studies of the English language, literature, and translation. She will continue studying while working for MedEngine.

“I like the attention to quality at MedEngine — scientific rigor and aesthetics are both essential for good science communication”, she says.

I like the attention to quality at MedEngine — scientific rigor and aesthetics are both essential for good science communication”.

Janita’s love for language shows in her hobby as an avid reader. Also a nature lover, she spends her time enjoying outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, mountain biking and roller skating. The circus is a great passion of hers, specifically aerial acrobatics!

Her friends know her as someone who gets things done: she was given the nickname “Rambo” after she reclaimed her stolen car on her own when the San Francisco Police Department couldn’t help her!

A warm welcome to the family Laura, Sarah and Janita!

Miika Fadjukov

Miika Fadjukov

Miika has his background in biotechnology and he has specialized in biological imaging and image analysis. As a creative person with an endless fascination for science, Miika enjoys combining his scientific background with his love for creative thinking in projects that can actually improve patients’ quality of life.