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MedEngine warmly welcomes: Maaria Palmroth


Maaria joins the MedEngine team part-time while finishing her PhD.

Ever since elementary school Maaria Palmroth has been enchanted by biology. Her interest in life sciences led her to acquire an MSc in biotechnology from the Tampere University, where she is currently finalizing her PhD in molecular immunology. To Maaria, the most rewarding projects have involved translational research – such as investigating the effects of a medicine on certain biological markers in real patient samples and seeing whether they associate with treatment response. She is fascinated by the complexity of immunology and its nature as truly uncharted territory.

”There are a lot of people suffering from immunological disorders that we understand very little about.”

Maaria is inspired by learning and transforming ideas into action. At MedEngine, she enjoys the possibility to utilize her scientific know-how in a whole new way. As an emphatic and social personality Maaria has found herself at home among the MedEngine team.

“I like the friendly and supportive atmosphere created by talented co-workers.”

In her free time Maaria enjoys spending time with her family and wandering the world with her little son. Outdoor activities, traveling, and exploring new places are close to her heart. Despite the pandemic, Maaria has succeeded in acquiring new experiences and getting to know new and interesting places, this time closer to home.

We warmly welcome Maaria to our team at a moment when we are facing a higher-than-ever demand for quality content and digital engagement!



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