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MedEngine Welcomes Niina Saarinen


I am proud to introduce Niina Saarinen, the latest addition to the MedEngine team. Niina will serve as our Business Development Director, fulfilling crucial tasks as the firm continues to grow.

Niina has more than ten years of executive experience in the pharmaceutical, health-tech, and health-care industries. She has led companies ranging from an innovative health-tech start-up to a health- and social-care company with more than one thousand employees. As a marketing expert in the pharma field, Niina has more than 100 pharmaceutical marketing campaigns under her belt.

Niina’s skills, expertise, and experience are a perfect match for MedEngine, which combines business and science in order to provide creative solutions for its clients in the pharma and health industries.

“So often,” says Saarinen, “the scientists are in one room, the creative team is in another, and the sales team in a third. Often these experts don’t even coexist in the same company. At MedEngine, the team has both extensive academic experience, industry know-how, and creative expertise—to the great benefit of our customers and team members alike.”

Feel free to contact Niina with any questions regarding what MedEngine can do for you, by either email or by telephone: +358 40 350 0065.

Tero Ylisaukko-oja

Tero Ylisaukko-oja

Known for his creative thinking and passion for complex projects, MedEngine CEO and Founder Tero Ylisaukko-oja seeks out clients who are willing to innovate and challenge both him and themselves. Outside of MedEngine Tero enjoys everything Italian, be it food, wine, soccer, the Mediterranean sea, or small cars with character. His family includes his wife Niina, two sons, and dachshunds Gunnar and Bruno.