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Cookie Policy

What is a cookie and what do we use it for?

Cookies are small files that are stored on your device or the browser cache when you visit our website at The text file contains a small amount of information, such as a unique number, that the Internet server can read the next time you visit our website. Cookies are useful for several reasons. They, for example, help us remember your login details or any preferences you may have chosen. Some cookies are necessary for the functionality of our website while others are for example used to improve your experience when using or visiting our website.

Our website and social media channels employ cookies and other similar technologies to optimize and develop our website as well as, improve and analyze user experience and target advertisement in our and our partners’ services. Cookies allow us to collect useful information such as information relating to how many visitors our website has, which browser is used and the IP address of the device.

We also use web beacons, also known as web bugs or tracking pixels. Web beacons are small transparent pictures embedded in the HTML code or in a Java Script on our websites, services or in emails sent by us. They are used to collect information relating to, e.g., conversion or click-rate. We will for example be able to track if you have opened an email from us or if you have clicked on our advertisements.

Some cookies that we use will collect personal data about you. If you want more information on how we process your personal data, we suggest that you read our Privacy Notice.

General information about cookies

As a first step, cookies can be divided into the following general categories:

Type of cookie Description
Session Cookies Session cookies are cookies that expire when you leave our website, which means that they are temporarily stored on your device. These cookies are typically deleted as soon as you close your browser.
Persistent Cookies


Persistent cookies are cookies that are stored in your browser until their fixed due date expires, or until you choose to delete them.
First Party Cookies


First party cookies are cookies that are placed on your device by us when you visit our website.
Third-Party Cookies


Third-party cookies are placed on your device by a third-party (i.e., not us), such as a partner or a supplier of ours.


General purposes of using cookies

There are different purposes for using cookies. So, as a second step, these purposes of cookies used by MedEngine can be divided into the following general categories:

Analytical Cookies These cookies are often used to improve the performance of our website by allowing us to analyze the flow of visitors, number of users and traffic sources. This type of cookie is not strictly necessary for our website to function but is aimed at telling us, for example, which pages you find the most interesting. Information collected about you through analytical cookies enables us to give you a personalized experience of our website and thus provide you with the best user experience possible. For example, this means that we can ensure that the pages you visit are ready to accommodate the relevant number of visitors, and, consequently, load faster.
Advertising Cookies These cookies are typically used to market our products and services, usually through third-party sites, by collecting information about your browsing habits and how you navigate within our website. This in turn enables us to make our content and advertising as relevant to you as possible.


What cookies do we use and why?

We have summarized the types of cookies that we use, the purposes of employing them and for how long they will be placed on your device. We have also specified the third-party provider when third-party cookies are used. Please note that this is a general summary and always feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

MedEngine’s first party cookies Analytical _ga 2 years
Analytical _gid 1 day
Analytical _gat_gtag_UA_32913258_2 1 minute
Analytical _ga_59M38P75V4 2 years
Google (Google Ads) Advertising




How you can influence the use of cookies on your devices

You can opt out of having non-strictly necessary cookies placed on your devices. This can be done by changing your cookie preferences at any time, including third-party cookies. You may need to refresh the page for your settings to take effect. This may, however, result in:

·       your preferred language settings not being saved,

·       any information you have included may be lost the next time you visit our website,

·       you not being able to experience the full functionality of our website.

You may block specific third-party cookies by visiting the respective third-party website, please see the links in the table above. When clicking on the links you will be re-directed to the respective third-party’s privacy policy or to the page where you can select settings for their cookies. This may, however, result in you not being able to:

·       use social plug-ins,

·       use functions such as communication channels on our website,

·       see potential ads on our website.


Modifications to our cookie notice

We may update this cookie notice from time to time. Please make sure to check our website if we have made any updates to this notice. For information on when the cookie notice was last updated, please refer to the date at the top of the cookie notice.

Questions and contact

If you have questions or want to get in touch with us, please contact:

MedEngine Oy

Business ID 2593051-1

Eteläranta 14

00130 Helsinki, Finland



Contact person: Heidi Loponen