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Real-world data with a human touch

Medical Data Science

We are world-class experts in generating the data-driven insights essential for understanding patients and making better business decisions. Our team consists of leading scientists with hundreds of scientific publications and years of experience in real-world evidence research.

Our projects are run with the highest quality of research, with sophisticated analytics solutions, top-notch documentation, and solid privacy practices. As a truly Nordic organization, projects that combine data across the Nordic countries are our specialty.

Real World Evidence (RWE)

It takes very special expertise to tackle real-world data. That is why we have created a team that knows optimal study design, can acquire the best data available, analyze even the most complex data, and correctly interpret the results to generate the desired evidence. Our research is based on unique Nordic real-world data sources, such as national registers, electronic health records, patient surveys, and biobanks.

Post-authorization safety studies (PASS)

We are specialists in post-authorization safety studies, have extensive expertise, and a deep understanding of the processes required by the authorities for regulatory research. We have been responsible for numerous large multi-country PAS studies across the Nordic region. All of our PAS studies adhere to the code of conduct set by ENCePP, the European Network of Centres for Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacovigilance.

Machine learning (ML)

We use machine learning methodologies in the context of real-world data to build predictive models, understand complex datasets, and create tools assisting early diagnosis and personalized treatment of patients. Our core capabilities include world-class methodological ML expertise, insights on real-world data sources, and an understanding of the strategic advantages that ML-based solutions may provide for our customers.

Real-world insight (RWI)

Real-world insight services are based on tailored semi-structured interviews, which provide extensive qualitative information on patient profiles, treatment practices, patient pathways, and physicians’ perceptions. The interviews are conducted by our scientifically qualified team members in a peer-to-peer manner. Real-world insight is an essential tool for everyone who needs to profoundly understand a therapy area and its target audience.

Medical Writing

Our medical writing services are designed to transform data into reports, research documentation, and scientific articles. Clarity, accuracy, and regulatory compliance form the backbone of our research articles and medical documents. Impactful medical writing also requires vision, scientific expertise, and understanding of the target audience. Our team is comprised of talented medical writers with extensive experience and an impressive record of peer-reviewed publications.

Data strategy

We believe that companies with the best data strategies will become the industry leaders of tomorrow. Our approach for building data strategy is based on our experiences in pharma business, real-world evidence research, and complex data analytics. We perform gap assessment to analyze the current and desired states, which helps to build the vision and strategic roadmap while keeping the desired business goals in consideration. Careful long-term planning of evidence generation and data utilization is the key to maximizing the return on research investments.


Our team consists of leading scientists with hundreds of scientific publications and years of experience in real-world evidence research. Get to know more about our research.


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