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Scientific storytelling across all mediums

Scientific Content & Digital Engagement

Reduced access to healthcare professionals and increasingly complex treatments have caused the demand for high-quality digital content and customer engagement to skyrocket.

With extensive academic expertise and years of experience in medical affairs and digital marketing, we pride ourselves on a first-rate customer experience and deliverables that are insightful, impactful, and always suited to the clientele.

Our line of scientific content and digital engagement solutions entail services ranging from scientific writing to cutting edge video, podcast, and virtual event productions.

Scientific writing

High-quality scientific writing is the key component in establishing interest and trust. With strong scientific expertise and extensive experience in science-based marketing, we take great satisfaction in creating high-quality deliverables that are insightful, impactful, and ready to publish. If you need assistance in scientific writing, for example in production of newsletters, article or webinar summaries, or slideshow presentations, we are here for you.

Video and animation

Videos and animations have become one of the fastest ways to gain attention and learn — also among healthcare professionals and patients. While expert opinion and patient experience videos produce high interest rates among peers, animations allow clear and enticing delivery of even the most complex study results or treatment practices. At MedEngine, we take pride in producing premium quality videos and animations as a turnkey service, ranging from KOL-collaboration and scientific script writing to the distribution of the finalized product.

Virtual events

Planning and hosting a virtual event is a crucial yet challenging endeavor for anyone. What if you had a one-stop agency to handle all aspects of your virtual event planning and execution? Our cross-functional team of scientific project managers and technical experts deliver solutions for all your webinar or advisory board needs — from speaker management to technical implementation and pre- and post-event content creation.


Podcasts are a present-day communication channel enabling you to take a deep dive with local or international experts into current topics, such as the latest study results, treatment practices or congress news. Our scientific consultants and audio experts are ready to design and deliver your podcast production, from scientific scripting and customer briefing to the artwork and sound branding.

Digital marketing

Plan, publish, analyze, optimize. Easier said than done, but not beyond the realm of possibility. At MedEngine, we are continuously developing and testing new digital content and novel marketing tools that meet the rigorous rules and regulations of the pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, we are carefully researching the needs and wants of the healthcare professionals working in different therapy areas to identify ways to reach and engage them at a more personalized level.

Digital strategy

A job well planned is a job half done. It’s a cliché but also true. Our ability to create strategies — be it for digital engagement, product launch or medical education — stems from our team’s extensive hands-on experience in the pharmaceutical business, but it is always based on thorough analysis and long-term goal setting.

How does it work?

MedEngine’s cross-functional team consists of project managers with advanced science degrees, medical advisors, digital marketing experts, and brilliant graphic designers and video professionals as well — all working together to provide you with the best solutions possible.

Our services can be delivered according to your existing plans or as a turnkey solution from concept design to execution. Whichever suits you best. In both situations, our team is driven to create the most engaging solution that complements your strategy seamlessly.

You can also contact us just to have a chat about your ideas. With no strings attached. When the time is right, we will make you an offer and get things moving.

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