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Transforming market access needs into patient access solutions

Market Access

Our market access services combine sharp strategic thinking, world-class evidence generation, and cutting-edge value communication. Partnering with MedEngine will transform your market access needs into outstanding patient access solutions.

With our years of experience in the market access field, we understand the needs of both payers and our customers. This helps us to design innovative access solutions while addressing the practicalities of the business. We are experts in communicating the value proposition of your product in a compelling way, and credibly demonstrating the evidence by using language that is relevant for the payers.

Market Access Strategy

The pathway to successful access solutions starts with a comprehensive strategy. We love the challenge of strategy design based on therapeutic area, business potential, and customer ambition.

Our strategy work is always based on in-depth analyses, such as stakeholder mapping, landscape analysis, pipeline assessment, funding route assessment, and evidence gap analysis. Based on this background work, we prepare an evidence generation plan and pricing and reimbursement strategy. We have also extensive experience in the development of early access programs and innovative pricing schemes.

Pricing and reimbursement

The key for a successful access outcome is a well-planned and competently executed reimbursement strategy, and the development of a dossier that matches the needs of local payers. Our approach combines the creation of an evidence-based value proposition that is relevant for the payers, an in-depth understanding of the therapy area, clarification of unmet needs, and local evidence generation. We are also considered leaders in the design and execution of innovative, outcome-based access solutions.

Typical tasks in our pricing and reimbursement projects include dossier preparation, process support, material localization, innovative pricing solution development, and negotiation support.

Health economic modeling

Our team combines health economic expertise, data analytics skills, and an in-depth understanding of payer-relevant evidence in a very unique way. We are equipped with the capability to build completely new health economic models or adapt existing models to local needs. By using our digital solutions, we can build captivating interactive visual tools that are tailored for your value communication.

We are also experts in disease burden, healthcare resource utilization, and Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) studies in the Nordic countries. These data are essential for budget impact estimates and cost-effectiveness analyses that are required to support the reimbursement and HTA processes.

Value communication

For successful value communication it is essential to demonstrate the differentiating benefits of your product in a language that is relevant for the payers. Moreover, your value communication strategy should extend to cover all relevant stakeholders.

With a unique combination of market access experts, data scientists, science communicators, and graphics designers, our team is uniquely equipped to create value communication of unmatched quality. We design impactful value messages, create compelling materials, and build value demonstration tools to support your payer interactions.

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