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MedEngine joins the VCLS family


MedEngine announced a significant milestone today. The company has been acquired by Voisin Consulting Life Sciences (VCLS), a prominent global Pharma and HealthTech solution provider offering end-to-end solutions from preclinical to post-launch. The new alliance marks the creation of one of the world’s most comprehensive scientific hubs for innovative therapies, serving a broad range of stakeholders in the life sciences sector.

The acquisition unites two companies with highly complementary service offerings, both sharing a deep-rooted commitment to scientific excellence, individual empowerment, and the advancement of patient outcomes through continuous innovation. VCLS’s services span from the preclinical development stage to post-approval regulatory services. Synergistically, MedEngine’s expertise begins at real-world evidence generation and market access, extending across all post-marketing medical and commercial phases.

“We believe that this partnership is a perfect strategic fit, extending our global reach and broadening the spectrum of services we offer to our valued clients.
–Tero Ylisaukko-oja, Founder and CEO of MedEngine

“We have strategically built MedEngine as the Nordic leader in evidence generation, market access, and scientific content creation — and we are excited about this new chapter in our journey. We believe that this partnership is a perfect strategic fit, extending our global reach and broadening the spectrum of services we offer to our valued clients. It also promises a bright future for our talented team, as they become part of a company that shares our values and vision for innovation and growth,” states Dr. Tero Ylisaukko-oja, Founder and CEO of MedEngine.

“We are thrilled to welcome MedEngine into the VCLS family!”
–Dr. Emmanuelle Voisin, Founder and CEO of VCLS

“We are thrilled to welcome MedEngine into the VCLS family. This acquisition reflects our commitment to provide a one-stop solution for all the science and technology, regulatory, clinical, vigilance, market access, real-world evidence, and commercialization services-related needs of our clients”, says Dr. Emmanuelle Voisin, Founder and CEO of VCLS. 

MedEngine will maintain its brand identity and assume the role of the VCLS group’s global hub for Market Access, Medical Data Science, and Scientific Content Solutions. The alliance will open unique opportunities for existing and future clients through the expanded range of services that empower stakeholders in Pharma, Biotech, Medtech, and Digital health to excel in their competitive markets.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Klaus Elfving
Digital Content Lead, MedEngine
+358 44 493 6708

Zhengxi Danard
Marketing Director, VCLS
+33 1 41 31 89 90

About MedEngine

Founded in 2014, MedEngine is a digitally minded, premium service provider for the pharmaceutical industry, built upon extensive academic expertise and years of experience in the industry. MedEngine creates strategic solutions by combining Medical Data Science, Market Access, and Scientific Content Solutions that accelerate the future of care.

MedEngine has a strong presence across the Nordic countries with offices in Helsinki (Finland), Copenhagen (Denmark), and Stockholm (Sweden). Employing nearly 40 scientifically trained professionals and supported by an extensive scientific network throughout the region, MedEngine’s customer base includes the regional affiliates and global teams of some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

About VCLS

Founded in 1997, VCLS provides end-to-end HealthTech solutions, to support biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and MedTech manufacturers throughout their product development. From early-stage development through to post-launch and beyond, VCLS assists innovators by designing product development strategies and conducting clinical trials that optimize clinical development to drive commercial success.

The integrated solutions encompass clinical research, vigilance, regulatory strategy & submissions, chemistry manufacturing & control (CMC), and market access. With offices in the US, France, UK, Switzerland, Denmark, Madagascar, India, and China, VCLS serves a broad range of developers and investors in HealthTech.

For more information, please visit:

Klaus Elfving

Klaus Elfving

Klaus Elfving is MedEngine's Digital Content Lead.