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MedEngine Warmly Welcomes Sami Nikoskelainen


Several MedEngine teams gain senior level expertise, as industry veteran Sami Nikoskelainen joins the company. Sami will add proficiency to all current and new projects across business units.

Sami describes himself as a humble, extroverted and helpful person. Like many in MedEngine, he likes to continuously learn and develop himself. “I also enjoy when things move forward quickly!”, he sums up his most profound qualities.

A deep interest in immunology early in his career led Sami to become active in the field. Even today, he enjoys reading immunological research and digesting its newest findings. Sami has a PhD from Turku University, the Department of Biochemistry, and graduated back in 2004. “My research focus was immunology, and I was particularly interested in the serum complement system, antibodies, and phagocytosis. Another big part of my research was developing new immunological methods to assess the kinetics of the bactericidal activity of the serum complement system against various bacterial pathogens.” From the oldest city in the country, Sami’s path led to the Finnish capital and to the University of Helsinki’s Haartman Institute, where he continued his immunological research.

 I have had the privilege of leading a business unit with focus on hospital and specialty care.

In 2007 Sami shifted his career to the pharmaceutical industry. “I started my pharmaceutical career as a medical advisor supporting biologic therapies in gastroenterology (IBD diseases) and dermatology (psoriasis). Over the next 10 years I acted as a Medical Advisor in multiple therapeutic areas such as rheumatology, oncology, pain management, to mention a few. I also completed an advanced business degree program in 2014 and have had the privilege of leading a business unit in a pharmaceutical company MSD, with focus on hospital and specialty care. And then, last year, I joined the MedEngine team—first as a consulting medical advisor, and now as a full-time member!”, Sami explains.

“The treatment I was involved with has saved the lives of many patients with metastatic melanoma.” 

”I think one of the highlights of my past industry career is an innovation in assessing the trough level of a drug called Infliximab with a point of care device, utilizing a blood sample from a fingertip”, Sami tells us excitedly. “I was also involved with setting up an early access program for an anti-PD1 treatment in Finland,” Sami recalls. “It has saved the lives of many patients with metastatic melanoma.” Anti-PD1 treatment is a form of immunotherapy, which uses PD-1 inhibitors to stimulate the immune system so that it finds and attacks cancer cells.

Sami has had an extensive and exciting career thus far. I’m interested to know, is there anything special he finds working at MedEngine or maybe something that differentiates the company from others in the industry? “Well, it’s really inspiring to see how fast the organization can help new and existing customers, and create fantastic new solutions to expand their business”, he exclaims. “And I really like the startup-like work culture that prevails at MedEngine—as well as the great colleagues, of course!”, he grins.

Anyone wanting to know more about me, I encourage you to reach out. Let’s have a chat!

Sami likes to spend his free time in a very Finnish style, at a family summer cottage in the Turku Archipelago. He does it year round, even in the snow! “I have an old farm there, where there is always something to do or repair. My hobbies are fishing and hunting and in the archipelago, I can do them both! My wife and I have three children and an equal number of dachshunds. The youngest of the dogs is less than a year old and one of them is an active hunting dog.

To conclude, Sami wants to leave us with a reminder: “Anyone wanting to know more about me, especially the new colleagues I still haven’t met, I encourage you to reach out. Let’s have a chat!”

What a great thing to have you onboard, Sami! A Warm Welcome!

Klaus Elfving

Klaus Elfving

Klaus Elfving is MedEngine's Digital Content Lead.