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MedEngine welcomes Helena Henno and Tomi Kainulainen


Finland is in a good position to begin building a globally competitive ecosystem for real-world data (RWD) research, a qualitative survey conducted by MedEngine reveals. The survey was requested by the Pharma Industry Research Foundation and the results were presented at the Pharma Industry Finland Autumn meeting on November 21st, 2018.

Helena joined MedEngine’s Medical Affairs and Marketing team as a Scientific Project Manager. She has a background in biotechnology and has gained experience on a wide range of research projects, such as antibody development for diagnostic purposes and computer-aided drug design for a pharmaceutical company. In addition to her scientific training, Helena is currently studying Strategy at Aalto University.

“At MedEngine, I get to combine my two passions; medical science and business”, says Helena. “I’m also really excited to work in a young and growing company, as it offers me an opportunity to get involved in a wide range of interesting projects and business activities.”

Tomi started at MedEngine as a Patient Solutions Manager. He holds an M.Sc. degree in Business Economics and has more than ten years of experience in pharmaceutical sales and marketing, ranging from fieldwork as sales representative to sales team management.

As a goal-oriented person with a passion for efficiently putting plans into practice, Tomi thinks that MedEngine is a perfect match for him. “I’m truly inspired to get to work as a part of different expert teams”, he says and continues with a smile, “and I love to challenge myself to provide MedEngine’s customers the premium-quality service they are used to getting.”

Indeed, it’s a great match overall. This year, with Helena and Tomi as a part of our growing team of experts, we look forward to serving our customers even better.



MedEngine bridges medical science with business. We provide our customers with the science-based tools, knowledge, and support they need to thrive in their global marketplace. Our adept team combines academic expertise with industry know-how and creative flair. Insight, zest, and attention to detail are our strongest assets, and we move nimbly from endeavor to endeavor—be it a multi-year research project, scientific advisory for a medical education program, or conceptualization for a health-tech startup. With every project our project managers apply the highest scientific standards and creativity to build something that inspires. We consider ourselves the luckiest bunch of scientists ever!