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MedEngine welcomes Miia Mannerla and Erika Gröhn


MedEngine keeps expanding! Let us introduce to you our newest team members, Miia Mannerla and Erika Gröhn.

MedEngine welcomes Miia Mannerla and Erika Gröhn, MedEngineMiia has always been fascinated by cell biology and genetics. After completing her BSc in biology at Concordia University, Canada, her excitement for molecular ecology and population genetics led her to pursue a master’s degree in ecology and evolutionary biology. Several years of work experience at the university eventually motivated Miia to enter the doctoral school of clinical medicine, where she pursued graduate studies within the fields of immunology and gastroenterology.

Miia describes herself as a persistent and curious researcher who wants to understand human health as a whole. She is eager to bring to the MedEngine team her international background and eagerness for science communication.

”I want to combine my knowledge from different disciplines to paint a realistic picture of what is going on during pathogeneses.”

In her free time Miia is an active musician, currently singing in two different choirs and playing the violin. She also loves bird watching. During the holiday season you may find her in a kayak in the middle of the Finnish archipelago or hiking in Lapland.

MedEngine welcomes Miia Mannerla and Erika Gröhn, MedEngineErika’s passion for health-related topics led her to complete two Master’s degrees at Aalto University: first in biomedical engineering, and later in information and service management. During and after her studies, she worked as a research engineer in a health tech startup and gained a solid background in knowledge-based management while working as a consultant and data strategist in several different industries.

As a both analytic and sociable person, Erika is keen to understand how organizations and their people operate. At MedEngine she looks forward to applying her diverse knowledge, from consulting and biomedical engineering, within the context of the health sector, which remains closest to her heart.

“I’m inspired to get to work in MedEngine’s unique team where strong know-how is connected to a positive working culture and people.”

In her free time Erika is very active in various sports, and also likes spending time outdoors with her husband and their young twins. Erika is also an enthusiastic singer, and whenever there’s a mic, she’s sure to grab it for a song – be it at her own wedding or on a full stage at Slush. We’ll be holding her to that!

We’re excited to welcome Miia and Erika to the team!



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