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MedEngine welcomes Mirkka Koivusalo, Heidi Loponen, and Hanni Uusi-Kerttula


The MedEngine team is growing yet again! Allow us to introduce Mirkka Koivusalo, Heidi Loponen, and Hanni Uusi-Kerttula, who joined MedEngine in October—and have already plunged into a variety of different projects.

Heidi Loponen, who started as a Scientific Project Manager in MedEngine’s RWE team, holds a PhD in genetics from the University of Helsinki. Her solid background in biomedical research combined with her endless passion to challenge herself makes Heidi a great match to MedEngine’s research team.

“At MedEngine I get to apply the scientific skills I have gathered during my research career in a completely new context—and this is something that I find extremely rewarding”, she points out.

MedEngine’s Medical Affairs & Marketing team has also gained two new members. Mirkka Koivusalo brings to MedEngine a fresh breeze from overseas; she recently returned to Finland after spending ten years in Toronto, Canada, where she worked as a researcher—as well as a professional dog trainer. At MedEngine, Mirkka is looking forward to utilizing her analytical skills and systematic problem-solving approaches to promote human health.

“The possibility to combine my experience in customer-oriented problem-solving and scientific communications, as well as people skills, attracted me to work at MedEngine”, she summarizes.


Also Hanni Uusi-Kerttula has recently become a member of MedEngine’s Medical Affairs & Marketing team. Hanni has a PhD in cancer virotherapy, and she has worked on a wide range of projects varying from vaccine research to diagnostics—both in Finland and abroad in the UK and in Chile.

“Besides science, I have always been passionate about writing” Hanni says, and continues: “At MedEngine, I get to combine these two, and I can serve as a communication facilitator between scientists, doctors and patients.”


We are very happy to welcome all three new team members! Their international scientific expertise and enthusiasm are a valuable addition to our team, helping us serve our customers even better.



MedEngine bridges medical science with business. We provide our customers with the science-based tools, knowledge, and support they need to thrive in their global marketplace. Our adept team combines academic expertise with industry know-how and creative flair. Insight, zest, and attention to detail are our strongest assets, and we move nimbly from endeavor to endeavor—be it a multi-year research project, scientific advisory for a medical education program, or conceptualization for a health-tech startup. With every project our project managers apply the highest scientific standards and creativity to build something that inspires. We consider ourselves the luckiest bunch of scientists ever!