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MedEngine welcomes new team members


We are proud to announce that our team has gained four new experts in August 2018. Please join us in welcoming Jenni Kononoff, Henna Moore, Mari Pynnönen, and Aino Vesikansa. 

Jenni Kononoff is an awarded pharmacist, whose research has focused on neuroscience, pharmacology, and addiction. Jenni started her scientific career as a PhD student at the University of Helsinki, before moving to San Diego, USA to work as a post-doc at Scripps Research. There she was privileged to work and publish research with some of the world’s leading scientists—including a respected Nobel laureate.
Driven by her passion for data, science, and business, Jenni thinks she has found a perfect match with the vibrant research team at MedEngine.

“If not a scientific project manager at MedEngine, I would probably be a police officer, as I love evidence”, she says with a smile.

In her free-time, Jenni enjoys time with her family and explores topics from the human mind to mindfulness and compassion. If there was an extra hour in the day, she would use it to work-out.   

Henna Moore has a strong background in biomedical science, interwoven with studies on marketing management. An early interest in biomedical investigations drove her to study molecular biology. Henna received her PhD and continued as a post-doc researcher at the University of Helsinki, where she explored cellular processes by bioimaging.
Henna has been very excited to join MedEngine’s medical affairs and marketing team as a scientific project manager.  At MedEngine, she can translate her knowledge into actions that are beneficial for both customers and—at the end of the day—patients. Henna summarizes,

“MedEngine’s  goal to bridge medical science with business perfectly matches with my professional interests”.

In addition to being inspired by her work, Henna spends time with her family and enjoys relaxing walks in the woods.

, MedEngine

Mari Pynnönen, a highly experienced marketing specialist, loves to make a difference in people’s lives. She graduated in marketing and business administration from the University of Uppsala, Sweden. For more than 20 years Mari has worked in the pharmaceutical industry, gaining broad experience in several therapeutic areas. She has held various commercial positions, both local and global, in leading pharmaceutical companies.
“The past four years I’ve been a very happy MedEngine customer”, Mari says and continues,

“When the opportunity came by, I did not need to think twice to join this team of innovative and highly talented professionals”.

As a commercial project lead at MedEngine Mari will utilize her extensive expertise in multichannel marketing, fueled by a passion for helping pharma and health technology companies with the commercial challenges they are facing today.
Outside the office, Mari is a dedicated basketball mum of a teenager, taking the role of a private chauffeur, masterchef, and enthusiastic courtside fan—whatever is needed. To relax, Mari goes for a walk with her two Norfolk terriers, and grows veggies in her small garden. 

Aino Vesikansa is fascinated by the mystery of the human brain.  This passion has led her to become an expert in neuroscience, and to receive a PhD in neurobiology at the University of Helsinki.  She continued there as a post-doc researcher, and has also gained experience as the coordinator at the Scandinavian Physiological Society.
As a medical writer, Aino’s excellent writing skills help all of the teams at MedEngine. Aino enjoys communicating science with different audiences in an as accessible way as possible—at a professional level and to the public.  At MedEngine Aino can definitely follow her passion, where she says,

“I am driven by challenges and I enjoy pushing myself outside the comfort zone”.

Aino is known for her active lifestyle, she trains endurance sports and works as an assistant coach for a junior soccer team. For balance, she loves to design and bake imaginative cakes.

Anna Grönholm

Anna Grönholm

Anna received her PhD in immunology from the University of Tampere in 2015. During her doctoral studies, she worked on a wide range of projects varying from basic immunology to diagnostic biomarkers, both in Finland and in the US. In addition to her biomedical training, Anna has a few extra feathers in her cap, having also studied communication, data journalism, and marketing. Anna is passionate about learning new things—whether they are related to new treatments for inflammatory diseases or innovative ways to utilize data. Apart from science, she enjoys mountain hikes, traveling and photography, or relaxing at home with her family and some good books. Anna is an honorary member of MedEngine’s rabbit owner division, although she currently doesn’t have rabbits of her own.