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Warm welcome to our new colleagues – Sanna Hellberg and Sonja Granroth


Last year was one of the busiest to date for MedEngine and the beginning of a whole new digital era in medical affairs and marketing. What is more, this year started with exciting news, as the team expanded with two enthusiastic colleagues. We are happy to introduce Sanna and Sonja, who joined MedEngine´s Scientific Content & Digital Engagement team in early January.

Welcome to our new colleagues, MedEngineA deep interest in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases has driven Sanna Hellberg in her scientific career. After finishing her PhD in PET imaging of atherosclerotic plaque inflammation at the University of Turku, Sanna spent three years as a postdoc at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. From the beginning of her career she has been motivated by the possibility to be a part of finding solutions to health problems, and eventually enabling better cures.

At MedEngine, Sanna wishes to combine her knowledge of medical science with creative visual and language skills.

”I am inspired by all the skilled people around me, and the possibility to make complicated scientific information easily understandable and visually appealing”.

As a person who enjoys a collaborative and positive working environment, Sanna is a perfect match to MedEngine´s growing team.

Behind Sanna´s calm and modest demeanor, colleagues and friends see a loyal and warm coworker with a strong will. In her free-time Sanna enjoys being outdoors and challenging herself with all kinds of sports; one can often find Sanna cycling or running, or sometimes trying new things like obstacle course racing. In addition to physical activities, Sanna likes to cook, read, and learn all the peculiarities of foreign languages.

Welcome to our new colleagues, MedEngineFrom the beginning of her biomedicine studies at University of Turku, Sonja Granroth has been excited by exploration of different medical specialty fields. Even though Sonja always knew that she wanted to work in the field of medicine, she has also had a strong passion for more creative projects and scientific communication. In addition to her Master´s degree in biomedical imaging, Sonja’s long-lasting art hobby has evolved into jobs in online marketing material production, web design, and scientific content creation.

Sonja sees MedEngine as the perfect possibility to combine her two strong personality traits, scientific accuracy and artistic creativeness, in the ways she has always dreamed of.

“In my opinion, only careful and creative data presentation can create the engagement and emotion that really brings life to the hard facts of biomedical sciences”.

At MedEngine, Sonja is inspired by the atmosphere of like-minded people and endless new challenges being offered.

Sonja describes herself as an exploratory and resourceful person who is happy to help others and fun to work with. Sonja greatly enjoys nature, travelling and spending free-time with her fiancé; which are even better when combined. She often finds herself tackling interesting new situations, like reconstructing a medieval rectory in the countryside of Germany or completing a 60 km forest hike within a day. Last but not least, MedEngine´s office dog team expanded with Sonja’s German Shepherd puppy, Nova.

We’re excited to welcome Sanna and Sonja to the team!

Aino Vesikansa

Aino Vesikansa

A passion for understanding the mystery of the human brain led Aino to become an expert in neuroscience. After receiving her PhD from the University of Helsinki, Aino has worked as a post-doctoral scientist and as a coordinator at the Scandinavian Physiological Society. Aino is also known for her popular scientific blog postings. Aino enjoys pushing herself outside the comfort zone, let it be challenging herself at work, seeking out new perspectives, or training endurance sports. For balance, she loves to design and bake imaginative cakes, which are highly appreciated by her colleagues.