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Welcome to MedEngine Copenhagen


MedEngine offices in Helsinki and Copenhagen have been renovated according to our style and taste. Both have been designed in cooperation with design agency Mint & More Creative, which specializes in interior architecture. Mint & More has a passion for sustainable and inspiring spaces, so they were a natural match for MedEngine. 

“We have had the privilege to work with MedEngine over the years. It’s always important that we share our vision and values with our client”, says Kristian Linnoinen, the strategist and co-founder at Mint & More. “We understand each other well and are really grateful for MedEngine’s trust in the shared vision, which allows us to create unique spaces like these.”

Our search for an office in the Danish capital started with a location. There’s an impressive variety of beautiful options in Copenhagen, but in the end we were charmed by the old architecture and details of Klosterstræde, a street in Copenhagen’s Old Town that has existed since the Middle Ages. The street with picturesque coloured buildings is just around the corner from the University of Copenhagen.

“ We were charmed by the old architecture and details of Klosterstræde, that has existed since the Middle Ages.

“By designing a virtual 3D-model we were able to make a holistic plan for the space. We’re very proud of the fact that the office looks and feels very much like MedEngine—almost as if the company has always been there!”, Kristian says. “We strive to bring out our clients’ soul into the design, so that the end result feels recognisably and comfortably theirs. It has been marvelous to see how the MedEngine Copenhagen office has come to life!”

Spaces must serve the people who spend time there. MedEngine is an unconventional company of top professionals. We wanted our spaces to reflect the people-first approach and premium quality we are known for.

The goal was to mix cozy Nordic ambience with elegant Italian design.

“The goal was to mix cozy Nordic ambience with elegant Italian design, and create a minimalistic and atmospheric office concept that stands out. Even though the furniture choices are maybe a bit atypical for an office space, all of it still feels very functional and easy”, Kristian explains the design philosophy. “It’s also very important to respect the original architecture of a building, and create interiors that can sustainably stand the test of time—that’s how each city’s own flavor can be elevated!”

You can find us at Klosterstræde 23, 1157 København, Denmark. Velkommen!

Photos: Esa Kapila

Klaus Elfving

Klaus Elfving

Klaus Elfving is MedEngine's Digital Content Lead.