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MedEngine Expert Opinions – Nordic RWE Landscape

In the pharmaceutical industry, we have witnessed a dramatic expansion of the use of real-world data throughout the product’s lifecycle. Currently, real-world evidence (RWE) is an essential element of safety and effectiveness assessments, market access processes, and clinical development of innovative products, to name a few.
And when generating RWE, there’s no data like Nordic data. 
In the latest episode of Expert Opinions, MedEngine’s Scientific Consultant Mirkka Koivusalo shares her views on why the Nordics provide unique opportunities for RWE research. 
At MedEngine, we specialize in Nordic RWE projects. We have a deep understanding of data sources, study permit practices, and regulations in each country. We also have local team members in Denmark, Finland, and Sweden, who are responsible for handling the local study permit procedures to ensure effective management of study procedures.

Are you interested in learning more about the Nordic RWE landscape? Please send an email to or contact directly our CEO Tero Ylisaukko-oja below. We’d be happy to share our insights and experiences!

Tero Ylisaukko-oja

CEO, Founder

+358 40 9012 975

, MedEngine

MedEngine Expert Opinions – Company Culture

How does a positive and inspiring atmosphere, skilled and motivated colleagues, and interesting work assignments sound to you?

For us, it sounds exactly like MedEngine.

We are driven by our slogan “Bridging medical science with business”, and by acting according to our values: make an impact, drive the growth and be reliable. We have created a work culture that we are proud of!

In the latest episode of Expert Opinions, MedEngine’s People & Culture Lead Disa Långström shares her views of MedEngine as a workplace and what makes us exceptional.

If you want to know more or just get to know us better, just drop us a note! We’re always willing to meet up with new people!

Disa Långström

People & Culture Lead

+358 40 703 4981

, MedEngine

💊 MedEngine Newsletter: Health Economics

The only constant in the pharmaceutical industry is change.

There are currently several megatrends shaping the industry. We are building a focus on rare indications, highly targeted treatments, and completely novel treatment approaches.

These changes challenge the existing payment models and call for completely new approaches to data collection and assessing effectiveness.

MedEngine specializes in market access, health economics, evidence generation, and communication. We have extensive experience in building data-driven solutions for demanding market access needs in Nordic countries, including the design and execution of innovative payment models.

We are happy to share our insights and experiences. If you want to hear more, just drop us a note!

Saku Torvinen

Director, Market Access

+358 40 551 1119

, MedEngine

Expert Opinion Videos as a Turnkey Service

Do you have important scientific information to communicate to your customers? Is it related to new study results, the latest treatment guidelines or perhaps value-based healthcare models?
At MedEngine, we take pride in producing premium quality videos as a turnkey service. Our cross-functional team of scientific consultants and video experts are ready to design and deliver solutions for all your video needs, from scientific script writing to the distribution of the finalized product.
Watch the video and see how we do it!  
Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to sit down with you and start planning your next video content.

Miika Fadjukov

Managing Consultant, Digital Engagement

+358 44 7731 815

, MedEngine

🎄Happy Holidays from MedEngine! 🎄

Another year has come to an end—and what a year it has been for us at MedEngine! A new office in the center of Copenhagen, seven new employees, and truly inspiring new projects. We want to thank all our wonderful customers and collaborators for making this possible!

We are fortunate to be able to contribute to the development of human health throughout the year. Every holiday season we want to give something to our animal friends, by donating to a good cause. This year, given the current crisis in Ukraine, we wanted to turn our heads towards all the animals that have been affected by the conflict. We chose IFAW, an international organisation, that has this year directly helped over 100,000 companion animals (most of whom were cats and dogs) and even wild animals like bears, bats and tigers in Ukraine. They have also supported the incredible families and caretakers of those animals. We hope this will help and keep the focus on both people and animals that are in the need of urgent aid.

Happy Holidays and see you next year! 🎁👋

Market Access Landscape Analysis

Conventional wisdom says you can only launch a new product once. That’s why you need a rock-solid basis for a successful launch strategy.

Market Access landscape analyses provide insights into treatment practices, patient pathways, numbers of patients, access pathways, and the role of existing products in the marketplace. This information is essential to understand product positioning and market potential. It also helps to plan resourcing and strategies required for market access and other launch activities.

Our approach combines extensive desktop research with semi-structured interviews that are conducted by science-trained professionals. We have extensive hands-on experience in product launches in different therapeutic areas, which is crucial for the insightful data interpretation and impactful strategic advisory of our customers.

As a Nordic organization, we can conduct country-specific projects with detailed sub-region analyses, or larger regional projects, such as those targeting all Nordic countries.

Are you preparing for a launch? MedEngine’s market access landscape analyses provide you with the essential market insights, strategic action plans, and top-notch consultation you need to succeed.

Drop us a note if you want to hear more!

, MedEngine

Saku Torvinen

Director, Market Access

+358 40 551 1119 

, MedEngine

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