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Expert Profile

The more you learn, the more you grow


In the first of our series of employee profiles, we introduce you to Disa Långström, MedEngine’s HR & Office Manager.

The first thing you notice about Disa Långström is her ready smile and optimistic, upbeat attitude, which make her the perfect ambassador for MedEngine. Indeed, in her role as HR & Office Manager, she’s responsible for attracting talent to our company.

“It’s most important to recruit the right type of people to complement the top-notch team that we have here,” she says. “We really want to hire people who want to make an impact with their work and drive growth both personally and for the company.”

A Swedish-speaking Finn with a love of sailing, bouldering and cycling, Disa holds a master’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences from Finland’s Åbo Akademi University and a diploma in human resources management from the Institute of Marketing in Greater Helsinki. Her studies were rounded out with stints abroad in Madrid, Spain, and Gothenburg, Sweden.

Role modeling

Combining a science background with HR and business studies has been an asset for Disa, who says that MedEngine can offer people with a biosciences background a range of career opportunities in a dynamic company that is uniquely specialized in high-quality medical marketing and medical data science services.  

“Often when people join our team they have worked as researchers in an academic setting, which can be far removed from working with real patients, doctors, or even customers,” explains Disa. “People coming to MedEngine can learn a wide variety of skills such as building marketing and communication campaigns, gathering and analyzing real world data from Finnish data lakes, or helping a company in their strategical planning. It’s possible to explore a range of options in this field, as we are a small but growing company. I want people to feel that this is the place where they can develop themselves into super professionals,” she says.

To that end she says,

“the more you learn, the more you grow.”

Disa has been passionate about science since high school, when she studied chemistry, physics, and biology. She became acquainted with MedEngine while working for a client company, and then joined the MedEngine as a scientific project manager before becoming a customer manager.

As the company grew, Disa discovered the world of HR and started specializing in the field. “At MedEngine I’ve had the opportunity to influence my career development and combine my scientific background with strengths such as my ability to work well with other people in order to develop into an HR professional.I really feel like I’ve found my calling,” she says. “My main goal is to develop myself into a strategic business partner who can help this company and its people grow.”

Future growth

With the high demand for MedEngine’s expertise, the company is quickly expanding.

“Our goal is to triple the amount of staff by 2022,” says Disa. There are currently 17 MedEngine staff members and this year alone the aim is to hire five or six new employees.

“One of our strongest assets is our work culture. We encourage an open atmosphere where people spend the best time of their careers,” says Disa.

Katja Pantzar

Katja Pantzar

Katja Pantzar is a Helsinki-based writer, editor and broadcast journalist.