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Holiday Special – MedEngine Office Dogs


It’s time to say thank you for another amazing year! What would be better way to delight your holidays than letting our beloved Office Dogs to conquer your hearts:

Our Office Dogs are truly important part of our team and they are always ready to delight our days at the office as well as our customers. Please let us introduce Gunnar, a miniature wire-haired dachshund who soon grew to become the larger-than-life character loved by his family, friends, and colleagues alike. Gunnar is an independent thinker with big heart and personality. He is known for his warm welcomes and extravagant birthday parties. Gunnar’s education includes the Future’s Hopes training program, and tracking courses for wounded game and chanterelles.

They say that dogs in the office boost productivity. It’s true! Allow us to introduce Bruno, a four-year-old Bruno is a miniature dachshund with golden hair and heart shaped nose. Thanks to his angelic appearance and playful character, Bruno is still mistaken as a puppy. Bruno’s hobbies include light catching, stick fetching, and long walks on the beach with his Uncle-Gunnar and human family.

It’s getting cold out there, so it’s a perfect time to have an #OfficeDog to keep your desk chair warm for you while you’re in a meeting. Meet Penny, a sweet and smart Jack Russel Terrier who accompanies Helena to our office every now and then. Except for some occasional bursts of energy, Penny spends most of her office days warming someone’s lap. She is a highly qualified office dog with more than 20 tricks in her repertoire. Penny’s educational background includes the Canine Good Citizen program, as well as tracking and agility courses. No wonder this adorable and talented lady is Gunnar’s not-so-secret crush.

Our Office Dogs have a special place in our hearts. Dogs are not our whole office life, but they make our office life whole. Please allow us to introduce Usva, a young and energetic Shetland Sheepdog who has recently started her professional career as an office dog. Although this fluffy and curious Sheltie loves action, her favourite time of the day is the lunch break. In her free time Usva enjoys agility and playing with her canine friends and human family.

Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year 2018!
On behalf of the MedEngine team,
Gunnar & Bruno

Miika Fadjukov

Miika Fadjukov

Miika has his background in biotechnology and he has specialized in biological imaging and image analysis. As a creative person with an endless fascination for science, Miika enjoys combining his scientific background with his love for creative thinking in projects that can actually improve patients’ quality of life.